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Does anyone have constant pain in their ribs & mid back area & painful lymph glands down side under arms?

At least it feels like my ribs hurt but my Dr. dismisses the pains as note being associated with COPD. He has ordered a CT scan of my chest but that's not until Mid February so I continue to fret about this. Especially those so very tender & sore lymph glands.
Anybody have this or heard of it?

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@A MyCOPDTeam User, I hit something and posted that sentence accidentally. My understanding is that as the COPD progresses, the air sacs in our lungs grow less elastic… read more

posted 11 days ago

Back in October I had a ct scan done - if indeed that is the one to check the heart and with the sensors they tape in half a dozen places. The last spot where she… read more

posted 11 days ago

@A MyCOPDTeam User, our posts crossed in cyberspace but, yes, hyperinflated lungs is a real medical term and, no, no doctor ever explained it to me. Honestly, I… read more

posted 11 days ago

Be really careful with lympnodes I was diagnosed with lymphadema in both legs just before Christmas I now have to wear special tights that were measured and made for… read more

posted 11 days ago

ibgayle, if you know that the problems with the pain in your rib area is gallstones and you need have your gall bladder removed, please talk with your doc about how… read more

posted 11 days ago

Yes.... I hurt in my ribs, most of the time. They (the lung experts) tell me that's normal. Sure sucks!!

posted 11 days ago

I had a operation on my right lung and chest cavity since then I have a pain in my ribs and a numb feeling in my upper abdomen, the only way I can get relief is to put… read more

posted 8 days ago

YEa im told the same,,<><><><><

posted 5 days ago

I was at the nurse yesterday and got a row for not going and seeing her last week I knew I had a chest infection but put it of till I seen her I was put on an… read more

posted 4 days ago

When I had an exhasberation of COPD back in August my ribs her so bad but not my lymp glands. The hospital drs told me that they would stop hurting once they got me… read more

posted 1 day ago
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