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E- Cigarette Potential for a Pharma entrepreneur ?

I gave up smoking after a heart attack at which time testing had shown I had stage 3 emphysema. A year.later tests showed that there had been a small rise in my lung capacity, and deterioration had stabilized. However the point is I had not overcome my addiction to nicotine and had continued by means of E Cigarettes. E liquid is mainly water heated to steam to simulate smoke. Added to it are ingredients to thicken the steam effect plus nicotine, and varied… read more

posted about 1 month ago by A MyCOPDTeam User

Congrats on not smoking but booooo on the method you've used. The long term affects of inhaling steam are questionable at best. Regarding what you're… read more

posted about 1 month ago

My Doctor told me if I was gonna smoke he’d rather me vape, because there’s only about 5 chemicals I the e-liquid compared to the over 300 poisons in… read more

posted about 1 month ago
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