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Oxygen levels

Oxygen levels

OK I know I am suppose to be on oxygen 24/7. I do not have a portable oxygen unit (long story) and I am still working part time 3 days a week. When I go into a convenience store on my way to work I often feel VERY dizzy. Almost to the point of passing out. Well I did check my O2 during one of these bouts and yep it was in the 70's. When I go from my car to my desk or my car to my home (I do have maybe 10 steps to climb) I get down in the 70's also. My question is at what level does it become… read more

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A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

anything below 88 and you should be on oxygen. See a good consultant who will arrange an oxygen assessment for you,in the meantime take things very… read more

posted 2 months ago
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