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Lung nodules

Lung nodules

Hello everyone,
I went for my latest CT scan and they discovered multiple small nodules in both lungs. The first scan I had didn't show any nodules at all; that was 1 year ago. Just wondering if anyone else has these and if they have caused problems for you and what your doctor says the chances of them being malignant are? My doctor said they are non-specific and I shouldn't worry about them. I need to go back for another scan in 6 months. The radiology report even said I had 1 or more small nodules… read more

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A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

Good information Minkbrood!
I have been wondering if singing might help me breathe better. Some days yes, on SOB days, can't sing a note! But getting… read more

posted about 1 month ago
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