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COPD And Covid, My GP Tells Mew That If I Catch Covid I Will Die

COPD And Covid, My GP Tells Mew That If I Catch Covid I Will Die

A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

@A MyCOPDTeam Member......that is good news. I hope the treatments are available to you soon. Remember - you are supposed to get the monoclonal infusion quickly after a positive test. I don't think it works well if you wait too long after the initial least that is my take on the matter. For example, I know of someone who was sick with covid and admitted to the hospital and they told him it was too late for the infusions to do any good and he was treated with something else.

Also, in the US there is a new oral medication recently approved for use from Pfizer called Paxlovid. NOt sure if it is available yet here or in Australia, but its coming.

My plan is to continue to be careful, keep up with my vaccines and boosters and follow recommended covid protocols.

Be procative!

posted 17 days ago
A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

Reply to LBangle. I googled🥰 the treatment you talked about, Our Government have ordered the product and waiting on approval by the appropriate body It gives me hope and t thankyou very much for your reply,

posted 17 days ago
A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

Sorry all. I despise any "expert" who witholds the Truth as a means to manipulate and misdirect you - just to discredit YOUR own experience and knowledge.

SO Here's a joke to close the week out. Stop me if you've heard this one already - - -
How do you know when a Lawyer is lying? His lips are moving. How do you know when your Doctor is lying? He's listening to what the lawyer has to say about your Malpractice case. Then they look at You and ask - Who is the smartest person in the room? Smile. And be nice to both of them until your case is settled.

edited, originally posted 18 days ago
A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

I just wanted to let you know that both my husband and myself were doubly vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine. Right before we were scheduled to get our boosters, we got covid. It hit my husband much harder than it did me, but he is also diabetic with kidney issues and overweight. For me, it was like a mild cold. I mostly felt fatigue. We both immediately got the monoclonal infusion therapy after our positive test results.

The point is - we both have copd and we both survived covid. We are waiting now to get our boosters (or third shot) as we have to wait 90 days from when we got the monoclonal infusions to get our boosters.

I guess it is certainly possible to die if you get covid, but we survived. Thankfully we had both of our vaccines which I am sure is why our cases were relatively mild.

My pulmonologist told me early on to be very careful, wear my mask, wash my hands and get my vaccines, including my flu vaccine. So, getting covid is not necessarily a death sentence for a copd patient. We survived.

posted 19 days ago
A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

DeboraHysekChams=>Texan Stan
My doctor told me same thing. If placed on a ventilator, that I’ll not be able to get off of it. So, do like me, stay away from everyone including some family members. At parties and birthday celebration there usually several who are not members of your family.
I don’t want the guilt trip that I passed on this sickness to a child relative and they passed away. They’ll always say grandma or grandpa as the one who caused the illness and death of baby ______? Hell of away to be remembered.

posted 20 days ago
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