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Does Prednisone Make You Feel Much Worse Than The Reason It Was Prescribed For You Did?
A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭

It was supposed to give me a little boost while recovering from the last symptoms of aspiration pneumonia (just some weakness). Now, I’m so sick…on Day 3, 40mg. And I’ve never heard that Prednisone had this paradoxical effect on them.
Is this just my great luck? Thanks.

posted October 11, 2022 (edited)
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A MyCOPDTeam Member

Hi KLH. As you know, prednisone is the Med everyone loves to hate. I just don't believe we have been fully explained how it works. It is supposed to reduce inflammation and keep the Body from attacking itself. The body looks at our own Lung damage as an Enemy. What A Shame!
Predz work by tamping down the body's defense mechanisms. Like pulling in the reigns of a team of Clydesdales. Or stepping on the brakes if a trigger-tuned dragster! (My favorite 🏁) Whoa indeed!
Anyway, I take a low dose every day. It's like a Tic-tac most days. When I have to do a "booster dosage", I never take the whole dose at one time. Nor along with any other meds. Or at night.

It only takes about 4 hours for one-half of the Preds to dispense through the body. It helps to take it in the AM after a meal or at least a glass of milk. Or juice (not grapefruit). And extra water (fluids) all day helps too. You can't see the goop it is breaking up in the lungs and tissues but the extra water helps flush it away. By the time the next dose is due, a majority of the previous dose is gone. We start this process all over again.

Here is the best article I could find that describes the process with regard to giving Predz the highest priority in your medicine schedule. Hope this helps some:
Hoping you feel better after this Go-round.

posted October 11, 2022 (edited)
A MyCOPDTeam Member

@A MyCOPDTeam Member.
Hi, Veronica. This dosage is thru tomorrow, then down to 20 for five days. It can make me feel like I’m nuts? How will I be able to tell? 🥴🤭🤣☹️

I wonder if 40 mg is what’s called a “prednisone burst”. Anyway, I have my answers now. Thanks and take care.

posted October 11, 2022
A MyCOPDTeam Member

Hi Veronica
I have also found prednisone to be a lifesaver also and I do get lots of energy from it! It doesn’t happen immediately but after a couple of days then it kicks in (with me) The problem is you can’t take it all the time because it does damage long term and definitely hard to sleep! I hope it kicks in soon , it sounds like you had a bad run with pneumonia! So that is more than a COPD exacerbation! They also always have put me on an antibiotic with it because it lowers your immune system, something they don’t want!!
Hope you are feeling better soon. Let us know!!

posted October 12, 2022
A MyCOPDTeam Member

I have needed to use Prednisone (2) since last December and it saved my life both eimes... it works.

posted October 11, 2022
A MyCOPDTeam Member

No answer but prednisone causes alot of other problems, many. Fluid builds up just below your knees, your eyes are effected, memory loss. It saved me, I'm still taking it. I started at 60mg now I'm at 15mg trying to get too 5 or 10. It controlled my cough. My Pulmonologist wants me off if possible. Be careful

posted October 26, 2022

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