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Are You Taking Vitamin D (and Other Vitamins) For COPD?
A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have been reading about the importance of vitamin D in particular and vitamin C. My husband, who has a different pulmonary doctor than I do was prescribed a high dose of vitamin D and it comes as a prescription. My doctor has not prescribed it for me. I will talk to my doctor about it next time I go, but I wondered if any or all of you guys were also taking vitamin D as it is supposed to be good for lung function and excaberation prevention. If you are taking much?

A MyCOPDTeam Member

THANKS Doris! Sounds like our Drs. are on the same page

This Is Judy. Why Does My Nose Run When I Use The Oxygen 24/7? The Feeder Goes In And The Nose Never Stops Running.
A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭

I’m at the severe stage and would like, at least to be able to get the oxygen to my lungs. I can only hope that someone has an answer to my problem or at least some ideas as to what to do.
I thank you for reading my post.

A MyCOPDTeam Member

You can safely use NAC with any medication, I do have been in stage 4 for 6 years now
I am stable now, with the help of many supplements and the doctors meds too. I would warn you if you cannot take… read more

Has Anyone Tried Boswellia Serrata?
A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭

I am trying to find natural supplements to help with my COPD. Has anyone tried the herb Boswellia Serrata? It is supposed to reduce flare ups and help with better lung function in people with COPD.

A MyCOPDTeam Member

@A MyCOPDTeam Member Already done. I always check things out, and do my own research. Boswellia Serrata is recommended for COPD by quite a few doctors that say it's the best natural… read more

Who Do Y’all Get Your B12 Injections From?
A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have seen many of you mention B12 shots for fatigue.
Which doctor or place are you getting them from?
I have to ask for everything from my doctors, they never recommend anything.
And I have turned into a vampire, avoiding the sun when ever possible.
I don’t sleep well at night either, which doesn’t help.
Maybe I could use an injection of B12 sunshine?!

A MyCOPDTeam Member

I asked my primary care doctor. She had me take a blood test and now I get them every month at the clinic my doc works at
I can tell a bid difference if I use my CPAP at night or it comes off or I… read more

Vitamin Supplements
A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭

what foods have naturally got vitamin d

A MyCOPDTeam Member

thankyou all for all your answers,xx all breath easy xx

Vitamin D Source - Which One Is It?
A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭

All reading I have found says that VitaminD is NOT made by the body and MUST be taken in by Dietary and/or outside supplements. My Doc will not budge on recommending Statins when he sees my LDL numbers. The plot just thickened:
Your thoughts?

A MyCOPDTeam Member

The article shown is the reason there's so much research going on now to see if simvastatins actually make a difference in people with COPD and if so, with what geno and phenotypes. I suspect it will… read more

I’m Very New To This. Are There Any Specific Vitamins Were Supposed To Be Taking For COPD?
A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭

I’m wondering if certain vitamins make it easier to get up mucus. Also I’d there a place to go for these questions. Health to all.

A MyCOPDTeam Member

Mucinex is helping me now with pnemonia! The expectorant.

A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭

Are vitamins beneficial? I take B12 and D3 . I feel better, however, my internist said she only recommends D3.. my CBC (blood) is normal.

A MyCOPDTeam Member

Thanks for comments.

Hi I’m Brenda. How Do You Handle Flare Ups? When I Have One My Heart Seems To Pound And I Can’t Catch My Breath.
A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyCOPDTeam Member

Thanks Steve9 I will try your suggestions. 🤗

I'm Wondering If Any Of You Have Found Any Vitamin Supplements Or Herbal Supplements That Really Have Helped Your Breathing Or Energy?
A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyCOPDTeam Member

I take a lot of C, D3,Magnesium, Garlic, and a multiple. I also avoid dairy, and processed foods as much as possible.