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Should you reduce your o2 intake when going to bed

Hi All,
I was wondering if we should turn down the oxygen output when we go to bed, reason being is that i am on 5l. and have been for along time. The last while i have been exercising really hard, lost more weight and been feeling fantastic, %O2 has slowly but steadily increased and resting heart rate right down to 62 and waking up in the morning feeling refreshed. THEN yesterday morning i woke up and for no apparent reason was so exhausted i could barely open… read more

tags: control of O2 intake night O2

posted about 2 years ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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I'm on 4 liters day time, active
2 liters night time . resting
But that what my Dr. said to so. Follow you Dr. orders

posted about 2 years ago

why take steriods all the time?

why does a person need to be on steriods all the time this is my second time around and a 40-60lb. weight gain which cuts my breathing so bad i can get so things done when i'm not on them daily if i'm on them all the time i can't do anything help

tags: steroids

posted about 2 years ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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Steroids are needed when you have an exerbation. You can slowly taper down to your normal dose. Learn pursed lip breathing and practice it. Then you can… read more

posted 8 months ago

how to stop smoking

Tryed everything I can think of to queit,gum,patches,e-cigarettes,even had my doctor give me some medication to queit but nothing worked.dose anyone have any ideas?

tags: Nothing works you have to go cold turkey.

posted about 1 year ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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Hi ,,Hey man I just read your story again to refresh my memory as this has been answered for you sooooo many times now,You say back in 2008 you would… read more

posted 10 months ago

Had 2 seven days of antibiotics and steroids and my cough still won't go away.

posted about 1 year ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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If your cough is productive and you're still coughing up yellow or green junk, see your doc. If it's clear, give it a couple of days and see what… read more

posted about 1 year ago


I have emphysema and copd can you help me with your stem cell Treatment and how much I live in Australia I need help

tags: e

posted 19 days ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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If you go back and look at previous threads, you'll find most of this information. It comes up here at least once a month. However, here's the answer o… read more

posted 19 days ago

Use of Steriods and Antibiotics

My doctor prescribed prednisone (sp) and Zithromax (sp) to be taken when I feel a cold or flu coming on. I have used them a couple of times and it seems to help, but who knows since I might have gotten better anyway.

I would appreciate hearing from others about their experiences with the drugs. I suspect they should not be used very often.


tags: steriods

edited, originally posted over 1 year ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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Having antibiotics and prednisone on hand for when you can't get to the doc or for weekends and other times when you know you need something but don't… read more

posted over 1 year ago

Im gasping for air but my o2 but reads normal

THIS happens at night alot...i will get up to use bathroom (im only going a few feet)when i go to lay down i start gasping for air even while my o2 is good. I have to use my rescue inhaler.Sometimes i get up several times and only pass a small amount of urine.This is very troublesome any ideas?

tags: SOB gasping normal O2

posted about 2 years ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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@A MyCOPDTeam User @MaryZartman Ladies Daliresp is amazing. I have not had any flare ups since I've taken this. It make so much difference in the long… read more

posted about 2 years ago

My wife is on 2 liters of oxygen, 24-7. Her doctor recently told her to go to 3 when sleeping.

I accidently left the setting at 3 for around 15 hours after she woke up. Should I be concerned? She seems to be fine right now.

tags: 3 liters O2 sleeping oxygen

posted almost 2 years ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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I should have said also that she needs to get an oximeter so she can monitor her saturation levels. Then you would have known that the O2 was set higher… read more

posted almost 2 years ago


why cant a stop smoking a have tried so many times and failed xx

tags: after 60 years of smoking I decided enough is enough and quit cold turkey. only way to go

posted about 1 year ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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There is no such thing as you cannot give up smoking! If your health is bad, then it's obviously the correct thing to do, and it makes sense to stop!… read more

posted 5 months ago

Inogen G3

Hi... Anyone using an Inogen G3 portable concentrator? I pack a cylinder in a conventional backpack but its uncomfortable and seems to be getting heavier (I refuse to get punier!!) The G3 looks very interesting. Thanks

tags: portable O2 concentrator oxygen

posted over 2 years ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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Medicare and secondary just got me one and it is the neatest thing since buttered toast.

posted almost 2 years ago
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