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mucas and croaky voice

I'm suffering with excess mucus but always getting croaky voice could this be my inhalers causing this ,it's worrying me a bit . Can you buy mucinex over the counter or do you have to get it off the doctor .

posted about 14 hours ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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My doctor prescribed the Plain Mucinex. Deep coughing helps get phlegm up, which helps with my hoarseness.

posted about 6 hours ago

I am so congested when I get up in the morning and after my naps that my breathing is labored. Are you experiencing this?

When I arise in the morning and after my naps, my chest is very congested and my breathing is labored. I've started using my rescue inhaler to get a jump-start on my feet. Is your breathing impacted when you get up?

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posted about 19 hours ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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I have a few blankets under my matress at the head of my bed it helps my congestion it's raised just enough so I don't slide down and it makes such a… read more

posted about 7 hours ago

I sometimes have leg pain that makes it hard for me to walk and if i sit for long periods of time they ache.

posted about 21 hours ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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Yes Linda!! I do take potassium pills. I'm going to have my doctor check my vitamin D. Walking is something I used to enjoy I tried it a few days ago… read more

posted about 5 hours ago

How do you manage excess mucus associated with COPD? Any tips you would share?

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posted about 22 hours ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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I use liquid Mucinex twice a day and when I get really tight in the chest I use N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, it also loosens sinuses so that can be a downfall… read more

posted about 2 hours ago


How many kilometers or miles can someone with COPD walk in a day ?

posted about 23 hours ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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I a few months back was unable to walk farther than maybe 10ft. and be out of breath. Dr. told me to place chairs around home .. SIT down when out of… read more

posted about 3 hours ago

Can a breathing tube used for surgery improve breathing after removal?

I had visited my Pulmonary doctor day before surgery at which time he advised I be added to lung transplant list. After surgery and use of breathing tube I could breathe much better! Could a breathing tube re-expand my lungs? The following day I was very sore thru that area and this is only explanation I can come up with.

posted 1 day ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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Don't draw money from retirement to pay medical bills. File for Medicaid. Go on welfare, food for food stamps. Go to the county and City for Assistance.… read more

posted about 19 hours ago

Moving out of state - how does that work with the oxygen supplier

I may have to move out of state. My concerns are how/where do I make arrangements for my oxygen where I will be moving? What do I do with my stationery oxygen concentrator that I need/use now? I of course will have to bring my portable tanks for the drive. Anyone been through this? Thank you all.

posted 1 day ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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Call your provider and see how they want to handle returning the concentrator you have now, and whether they would suggest a provider where you're… read more

posted 1 day ago

My last COPD test results

My last COPD test results but none of these mean anything to me ? but i do they they have got better since my last test 6 months ago.
MedicationSalbutamol 100micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free - 200 dose - inhale 2 doses as needed
Diastolic BP reading 80 mmHg
Systolic BP reading 142 mmHg
Pulse rate 96 bpm
Body mass index - observation 21.43 Kg/m²
weight 71 Kg (11 st 3 lb)
O/E - height 1.82 m (6 ' 0 ")
Ideal body weight 76.8 Kg (12 st 1 lb)
peak expiratory flow rate 610 L/min
Forced… read more

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posted 1 day ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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Emphysema changes isn't a diagnosis. It looks as though you may have mild to moderate COPD, which includes emphysema, but you really need to see a… read more

posted 1 day ago

Transfer from Dea to pip

Has anyone switched over from Dea to pip, if so how financially different is it ? Thanks.

posted 1 day ago by A MyCOPDTeam User

Blood gas/co2 levels

Is there any way to prevent, or help co2 levels from getting so high?

posted 1 day ago by A MyCOPDTeam User

Pursed Lip Breathing will help when you're exercising or just sitting. That long exhale helps blow off the accumulated CO2. If you are retaining CO2… read more

posted 1 day ago
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