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Who else has Bronchiectasis specifically?

I would like to speak to anyone who also has this specific diagnosis to compare notes. xox

posted about 9 hours ago by A MyCOPDTeam User

Stem Cell for COPD

I have asked about Stem Cell therapy for COPD and according to a source, it is not guaranteed to improve the existing condition and it would cost $13,00.00 dollars. Naturally not covered by insurance. Are there any other research centers that may offer this research for a more affordable cost or even NO CHARGE. Very tough to cover (Phone number can only be seen by MyCOPDTeam users) on a fixed retired income!

posted 1 day ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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posted about 23 hours ago

I have a ASD (Atrial Septal Defect). Waiting for surgery soon to repair the hole in my heart. This with COPD is a huge problem.

This defect is bidirectional blood flow. So I am really messed up with it. PCP thinks the repair should help my breathing, headaches, confusion and forgetfulness. Over last few weeks, had Hypetension Crisis. Went to ER, now and 2nd B/P meds. During that time, I had a TIA, also.

posted 3 days ago by A MyCOPDTeam User

How do I post a question? Has anyone had lung reduction surgery? How did it hekp?

posted 3 days ago

I have been waking up with a mild headache. Is this related to my COPD? and can someone tell me what the stages are.

I was diagnosed in 2008 and take no meds.

posted 4 days ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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It's possible that your headaches are being caused by not enough O2. Everyone breathes much more shallowly while sleeping, and for us, that can mean O2 saturation… read more

posted 3 days ago

Ribs/chest pain

Has anyone got any remedies for ribs/chest pain? every morning I wake up in chronic pain in my ribs/back/chest, I can hardly move. Thanks for your help. x

posted 4 days ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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I actually do not wake up with my ribs/chest pain, but get spasms during the day, no rhyme or reason for it. When I get them I usually lay down and try to stretch out… read more

posted 2 days ago

Does anyone know what other treatments there are that don't cause constipation?

I do have IBS with both constipation/diarrhea which is probably why this inhaler effected me and not others. I wound up in the ER due to extreme constipation that lead to colitis attack. Before talking to my Pulmonologist who really isn't concerned as much with my GI problems I talked to the pharmacist. She basically told me all the inhalers have at least a 1% chance (as the medication Anoro I was taking did).

posted 4 days ago by A MyCOPDTeam User

Disability tax credit in Canada

I am wondering if anyone has applied for or is receiving the disability tax credit in Canada. I am considering applying for this.Do you have your GP fill out the paper work or does it need to be filled out by my specialist?

posted 4 days ago by A MyCOPDTeam User
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Actually the amount you will receive after claiming the disability is quite good. About $1000.00 extra.

posted 3 days ago

TGrying to sign up

But my confirmation code keeps coming back saying token is invalid. Tried 4 times, About to give up. Too bad, as seems like a helpful site!

posted 5 days ago by A MyCOPDTeam User

I'm new to and Also wondering about it saying invalid. But I still get on the site.

posted 2 days ago
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