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Infographic copd au nz

What A COPD Diagnosis Is Like (Infographic)

Getting a COPD diagnosis can be a long and bumpy road for some people. We surveyed MyCOPDTeam members from Australia and New Zealand about their experiences of becoming diagnosed with COPD. We saw three general themes comes up: The path to a COPD...… read more >
Posted 02/12/2017
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Anxiety and Breathlessness – Guest Post by a Respiratory Therapist

by Stephen GaudetI’m talking about the A-word…. ANXIETYAs a respiratory therapist and a lifelong asthmatic, I know all too well that anxiety and breathlessness usually go hand in hand. Still, I often catch myself getting a little defensive when a...… read more >
Posted 12/31/2016
Justin copd friends

Finding Friendship on MyCOPDTeam

It’s not unusual for friendships to form on, and quite a few people form strong bonds and close ties. Occasionally we come across the story of people who meet in person. This is one of those stories.Justine found out she has COPD in...… read more >
Posted 12/20/2016
Mht ad advice mycopdteam

Your Answers: The Worst COPD Advice (Infographic)

We asked and you answered! We posted this question: What bits of "advice" do you wish people would stop telling you? and hundreds of you took the time to respond.What did we learn? From the unconcerned ("Just get moving") to the plain unhelpful...… read more >
Posted 11/13/2016
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Story of HOPE: Asthma, COPD and Me

by Russell of COPD AthleteAsthma and COPD are lung diseases. They both are defined by reduced airflow through the airways to the lungs. Asthma is generally diagnosed in young people and triggered by allergic reactions. In conjunction with your...… read more >
Posted 10/27/2016

13 Simple Strategies You Can Use TODAY to Prevent and Manage COPD Exacerbations

COPD exacerbations (flare-ups) are taxing on both you and the healthcare system. Not to mention, they are one of the terrifying aspects of dealing with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and for a good reason. COPD exacerbations result...… read more >
Posted 10/14/2016
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How to Manage Your COPD Like a Respiratory Therapist – Part 2

This is part 2 in our series: How to Manage Your COPD like a Respiratory Therapist. Here are the next steps to manage your COPD well: Follow a Proper Diet RegimenIt’s vital to equip your body with a properly designed diet that will supplement your...… read more >
Posted 10/07/2016
Mht infographic symptoms mycopdteam

COPD: What People Don't See (Infographic)

There's so much more to COPD than meets the eye. Below the surface, living with COPD can mean days spent in bed, missed appointments, and alternate days when we seem "fine." We know that COPD comes with hundreds of possible combinations of...… read more >
Posted 10/03/2016
Breath easy

How to Manage Your COPD Like a Respiratory Therapist – Part 1

Let’s face it: After you received your chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) diagnosis, you felt lost and confused as to where and how you should begin to properly manage this progressive respiratory disease. Ensuring that you have a...… read more >
Posted 09/26/2016
Infographic copd livingw sob

COPD & Shortness of Breath: Learn the triggers

MyCOPDTeam has grown to more than 47,000 members, making it the largest social network in the world for those living with COPD! We believe that when you are diagnosed with COPD, getting perspective and connecting with others living with COPD can...… read more >
Posted 09/21/2016
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