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I have known I have COPD, for many years, but I was also shocked to know their were stages, or ways to help. Why I wonder, does any doctor, I have had in the last 2 years, never wanted to talk to me about , tests and other treatments. No, really it is a mystery, my doctor gives me Spiriva and a inhaler and a nebulizer, every month she gives me refills, but honestly I don't know why she never say's the word COPD, or try's to explain it. my question is should she discuss with me more, treatments, and ways… read more

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A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

Is this doctor a Pulmonary doctor? If not, find one. If she is, find another one. You need a good Pulmonary doctor who will tell you everything about… read more

posted over 4 years ago
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