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I have COPD...don't know numbers or level. I want to travel, will getting health travel insurance be a problem

posted 6 months ago by A MyCOPDTeam User

You really need to know what your health situation is if you're going to travel and without knowing where you are in the development of COPD, you don't.… read more

posted 6 months ago

Great advice !

posted 5 months ago

You will get travel insurance (but it will be expensive ) I am in England but regularly fly to Caribbean (I'm in Jamaica at present ) I require… read more

posted 5 months ago

Thank you. I can travel, take a wheelchair in airport if lots of walking. No oxygen, take puffers. Wondering if I can get coverage to travel. This will… read more

posted 5 months ago

I have no clue what travel insurance would cost, but I'm sure you can research it on the internet. The one thing I would caution you about is flying… read more

posted 5 months ago

I Traveled . I did not have any problems with the health insurance.

posted 5 months ago
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