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Can fluid retention be caused from your lungs? My feet and legs are huge. My whole body actually.

posted about 2 months ago by A MyCOPDTeam User

Hi@Sharona. Prayers will continue for you. I will light a candle for you. I'm sure that your Dr.will take good care of you.

posted 27 days ago

Thanks Carrol this site sure helps. I already feel better.
For you

posted 27 days ago

Hi, @A MyCOPDTeam User.

I’m going to disagree with you about not wanting to know your numbers, because mine are pretty stable at 26% lung capacity even… read more

edited, originally posted 27 days ago

JoeanneC thanks for your message. I need to explain to you though that I wasnt talking about everyday taking your 02 stats to see how your doing or what… read more

posted 27 days ago

I am sending blessings your way Sharona, sounds like you are sure having some struggles. I hope and pray that you get some relief soon. Keep on posting… read more

posted 27 days ago

Thank you Linda.

posted 26 days ago

Hi, @A MyCOPDTeam User.

I understood what you were talking about. In my case, I insist on that lung function test about 1-3 times a year, out of my own… read more

edited, originally posted 26 days ago

@A MyCOPDTeam User I have been curious about the salt spa. Has it worked for you? Do you do the floatation or the sitting rooms? Just curious. You seem… read more

posted 25 days ago

Hi, @A MyCOPDTeam User. I’ve only ever used the sitting rooms with the salt raining through the air like snow, and I swear by it for nipping colds in… read more

posted 23 days ago

I would like to try both......I am a very good floater so I do not think I would have an issue witht that one. but sure want to try. thanks for the… read more

posted 23 days ago
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