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Anyone Else Have A "raw" Tongue From Using Inhalers?

A MyCOPDTeam Member

Question??? Does anyone else have a "raw" tongue from using inhalers? I have even started sipping a little milk to coat my tongue before using the inhaler and then I rinse and rinse and rinse and then drink a glass of water. But the tongue remains raw. It makes for a great diet....but I am getting hungry and thirsty.

I do not have blisters.....tongue is just red and raw. Thought of yogurt...but really do detest it.

posted May 13, 2015
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A MyCOPDTeam Member

I got burning tongue syndrome about 6 months ago. Don’t know the cause. I have been using inhalers for years and never had a problem before.

posted April 20
A MyCOPDTeam Member

you went thru so much. when I had thrush, it took awhile for my tongue to get back to normal, and little things effect it today, and the thrush is gone

posted November 17, 2021
A MyCOPDTeam Member

I just went through all this in the last two years. I had thrush down my esophagus pretty badly. My doctor decided to do a ct scan on my nasal pathway as I continued to get fluid in my ears. Turned out I had a cyst in my maxillary sinus and a deviated septum. Just went through surgery on Oct 6 to have it removed. I had septoplasty, turbinoplasty, cyst removed and they also did something to remove my top sinus so I won't have further issues. What a difference. And I notice my tongue isn't as bad. I was on Brio Ellipta and noticed every time I used it my tongue tingled and got sore. So dr changed me back to Symbicort. Seems better but it's still a bit sore. Wish there was something to take away the sores from the drugs. I use Kanka on my tongue twice a day to help.

posted November 9, 2021
A MyCOPDTeam Member

Another tidbit I picked up from another doctor was to always make certain you use a mouthwash with alcohol. I use my inhaler and then rinse with Original Scope after I used my Trelegy Elipta each morning and although Trelegy is a one dose a day product, I again use Original Scope at night after I take my night pills. By doing so, I have not had Thrush since!

posted December 20, 2020
A MyCOPDTeam Member

I got a prescription from my doctor from a raw tongue it worked great
Nystatin oral suspension. Didn't taste that great but it didn't taste that bad either..

posted December 19, 2020
A MyCOPDTeam Member

A doctor once told me to use an alcohol based mouth wash which makes a huge difference rather than just rinsing with water or non-alcohol based mouth wash. I use my inhaler in the morning but I use the alcohol based mouthwash again before I go to bed when taking my nightly meds.

posted October 13, 2020
A MyCOPDTeam Member

Is there any ongoing tests for laser treatment

posted July 7, 2020
A MyCOPDTeam Member

The portable nebulizer is terrific and gives a break from the inhalers. I am allergic to the areosal so nebulizer is better than powder. If it is not thrush you might have an allergy. The portable nebulizer is so easy to use and you can take it anywhere. Mask or mouth inhaler. I use the mask. Might help check with your doctor. I did and he agreed it was better for me. Good luck.

posted August 31, 2019
A MyCOPDTeam Member

I alwayed rinsed but still had a problem, so now I mouth wash everytime, so far it is helping me

posted May 16, 2019
A MyCOPDTeam Member

Always rinse your mouth out after use in your inhaler that may be the trouble to your problems

posted May 13, 2019

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