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Anyone Else Have A "raw" Tongue From Using Inhalers?
A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭

Question??? Does anyone else have a "raw" tongue from using inhalers? I have even started sipping a little milk to coat my tongue before using the inhaler and then I rinse and rinse and rinse and then drink a glass of water. But the tongue remains raw. It makes for a great diet....but I am getting hungry and thirsty.

I do not have blisters.....tongue is just red and raw. Thought of yogurt...but really do detest it.

posted May 13, 2015
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A MyCOPDTeam Member

@A MyCOPDTeam Member Tongue was sore and Dr. gave me a prescription for thrush and it cleared up. Our meds cause thrush.

posted May 13, 2015
A MyCOPDTeam Member

I too use the Nystatin suspension. Initially it was impossible to find in any drugstore. They all said it was back ordered with no refill date. Someone mentioned maybe a compounding pharmacy and called and there it was. Do not know what that kind of pharmacy is but do not think it was that. Asked why they had it when no one else did and they just said " we have a better distributer than anyone else" whatever that means! Good luck

posted April 27, 2019
A MyCOPDTeam Member

I get a sore mouth but have changed my inhaler

posted December 9, 2018
A MyCOPDTeam Member

I always carry a small bottle of mouth wash in my bag, when I go out, Never failed me yet. .

posted December 1, 2018
A MyCOPDTeam Member

you really have to rinse your mouth out with plenty of water after using inhaler. But, yes, been there done that, and no its not very nice. Sure I sometimes forget as well. But, that's the way to go, I sometimes use a mouthwash, as well. cheers

posted July 6, 2017

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