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Last night I took my 2 dogs out to go potty. I've been very careful to do early in the morning and after dark. This week has been bad with the humidity here in Arkansas. I didn't know it had rained, but I was outside no more than a couple of minutes and I got hit hard with the type of nausea that you can't move. I weigh less than I ever have, I'm 5'3, and 2 months ago I weighed 95 lbs. I went back to the dr on Friday and I have put on 9 lbs. And I worked very hard to do that. But last night on… read more

A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

Yes that used to happen to me
1 minute I'd be fine
Next minute lungs would like freeze up
Like have a seizure
Now that I have been using the above
I haven't had any in a while

I lost a lot of weight also
Now I drink a lot of boost
And eat several small meals a day
Big meals sit on our diaphragm and we have trouble
That has helped me a lot
Slow and steady we go
Prayers go out for us all
Never alone

posted over 5 years ago
A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

Sounds like mine before transplant. Yes I had copd 18% lung capacity. But when I had a spell like yours I couldn't breath talk or walk without it hurting. Told my husband when he came home from work he said it's not callapsed lungs or you couldn't talk. So my daughter took me to hospital. It was fluid around my heart so bad my EF was 10%. Suppose to be 50 or more. I was care flight to Fort Worth had congestive heart failure was in hospital 18 days went home on life vest and lots of Meds. Finally got it under control. Drs said sometime a virus or fluk things can happen to set it off. PLEASE don't put it off get heart checked as well as any worry you have.
Lots of love & loads of prayers for you.

posted over 5 years ago
A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

COPD I found out when I went to respiratory therapy
That I was a retainer of c02
So until I could release the c02 nothing would work
Think of our lungs as sponges
It doesn't care what it sucks up
But when it's full
It won't suck up anything
Until we ring it out .
Same with the lungs
It doesn't care what it sucks up
When they are full
Nothing else goes in
Meds don't work right
Because they are not getting to the diseased
Part of the lungs
Remember as a kid blowing bubbles in milk
It helps release the c02
I got a hard plastic bottle with a lid
And a straw
Filled the bottle half way with room temperature
Filtered water
Inhaled through my nose
Exhale into the straw slowly
Using my diaphragm or belly
Making bubbles in the water
I do it before I take any meds
Start with 5 minutes
10 times a day
It's the First thing in the morning when I get up
And the last thing I do before bed
I Keep the straw in the bottle
Keep the lid on it
Carry it wherever I go
It helped me with
Pursed lipped breathing
So the more I use it the better I feel
Helps with anxiety and panic
And controls breathing
So I'm not hyper ventilating
I know it works for me
Good luck
In my prayers
Slow and steady we go
Never alone

posted over 5 years ago
A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

I may have told you about the support group and might have given you the wrong number. We have support call in another group I am in on Mon and Thurs nights eastern time if your interested. The number is i (Phone number can only be seen by the question and answer creators) pass is 942738

posted about 5 years ago
A MyCOPDTeam Member said:

Please do not smoke anymore. Try to take little walks each day and then build up to a little more over time. Talk to your Doctor about going to COPD rehan therapy where they teach little things to try to get your body and lungs stronger.

posted about 5 years ago
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