Any One Heard Of WEI Institute They Clam Natural Help And Maybe Reversal Of Emphysema ? | MyCOPDTeam

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Any One Heard Of WEI Institute They Clam Natural Help And Maybe Reversal Of Emphysema ?

A MyCOPDTeam Member

Any reviews of WEI Institute?

posted August 2, 2017
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A MyCOPDTeam Member

Well I don't know anyone, but what I do know is, God can do anything he wants to, so yes he can cure any of us from our emphysema, I would love it if he would, so far I am 75 and still here so I feel blesses. :)

posted July 12, 2020
A MyCOPDTeam Member

A question has anyone heard god healed a person on emphysema
Friend claiming it to be true

posted June 9, 2020
A MyCOPDTeam Member

I haven't tried Wei yet but I think it seems promising although expensive yes. I have read about people having some very good results on it after 1-4 months. But I want to speak against the idea that any of these lung diseases CANNOT be reversed! This is speaking death upon your own body and taking away the faith that God can heal our bodies! I personally don't give a hoot what big pharma tells me! They can say all they want to about my lungs not being able to improve and heal but I know my God is bigger than that and I praise my Lord Jesus Christ amen! The same power that lives in me is the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead and that same power can heal my lungs in Jesus Might Name!

posted April 26, 2020 (edited)
A MyCOPDTeam Member

Hi..I never heard of that..but you can look into it...good luck...linda

posted March 5, 2019
A MyCOPDTeam Member

@A MyCOPDTeam Member sorry hun, there is no cure for can be controlled, if we take care of ourselves. that includes diet, exercise, a hobby and getting out there, meeting people, living life, being happy, looking on the bright side, I know for many the bright side seems far away but hey, if you do not look you do not find. Keep up on your meds, inhalers or whatever, just take life a little slower, surprising what one sees, butterflies, and the night sky, a full moon, even the smell of newly cut lawn, look around you lots to be okay about. Just take one day at a time hun, thats what I do, and I tell you what, next time we go on an adventure, you come along, why you will have a jolly good time. Blessings Prayers. hugs

posted March 4, 2019
A MyCOPDTeam Member

Please update any information that could help, desperate.

posted March 2, 2019
A MyCOPDTeam Member

Would love to hear your progress with the Wei Institute. I am mulling it over. Thanks

posted January 11, 2019
A MyCOPDTeam Member

I just started with Wei today so I'll let you know in a couple weeks/month of I notice a difference. It's $976 a month which I really can't afford but it's worth a shot because I can cancel at anytime and they will give refund for any unopened bottles I have. I'm praying it works! I have pulmonary hypertension and a form of copd from a bone marrow transplant.

posted January 9, 2019
A MyCOPDTeam Member

Probably not

posted March 30, 2018
A MyCOPDTeam Member

I do not see the Wei Institute as credible.

posted March 29, 2018

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