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Combivent Respimat is a prescription drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011 to prevent bronchospasm in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Combivent Respimat is prescribed in cases where people with COPD are using an aerosol inhaler but still experiencing bronchospasms.

Combivent Respimat is a combination drug containing both Ipratropium bromide and Albuterol. Both Ipratropium bromide and Albuterol are short-acting bronchodilators. Bronchodilators are drugs that dilate the bronchi and bronchioles in the lungs, making it easier to breathe. Combivent Respimat is believed to work by relaxing smooth muscles in the airways.

How do I take it?
Combivent Respimat is usually taken as one inhalation four times a day. Combivent Respimat may be taken more frequently as needed, not to exceed more than six inhalations in 24 hours.

Side effects
The two drugs that comprise Combivent Respimat can cause various side effects.

Common side effects of Ipratropium bromide include hoarseness, irritated throat, headache, nausea, coughing, blurred vision, and dizziness. Ipratropium bromide can also cause frequent need to urinate and pain during urination.

Common side effects of Albuterol include shaking, nervousness, headache, nausea, coughing, throat irritation, and dizziness.

Get medical assistance immediately if you experience chest pain or fast or irregular heartbeat while taking Combivent Respimat.

Many drugs can cause allergic reactions that, in the most serious cases, can result in death. Seek immediate medical help if you experience signs of a severe allergic reaction such as difficulty breathing or swelling of the face, throat, eyes, lips, or tongue.


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