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What Bits Of "advice" Do You Wish People Would Stop Telling You?

A MyCOPDTeam Member asked a question 💭
posted October 9, 2016
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A MyCOPDTeam Member

Just lately everything. I get told to eat organic, exercise hard, don't smoke, take meds, get flu needles, stay away from smokers, keep pets outside, don't wear perfume and the list goes on......endlessly. So fed up with it.
I live my life according to my rules. I do exercise, I eat normal everyday food, I do have the occasional puff, I enjoy a glass or 2 of wine and I live my life in the manner that I enjoy. By doing this I have managed to stay on top of my emphysema, my spirometry test showed that I blew 89.5% fev1 last week. My emphysema has not progressed in 2.5 years. If I followed all the advice then I would be miserable, and wants to live like that. My best advice to anyone is this, be strong in your mind, attitude is everything. Have a great day.😄

posted October 11, 2016
A MyCOPDTeam Member

Drinking lemon and Manuka honey is very good.I was diagnosed withCOPD and have been on asthma medication for last 30 years.During that time I ended up in hospital with heart attack symptoms due to reaction to asthma medication. I was using my Ventolin every 4 hours and it was not making my breathing any easier. At the same time I strained my back and went to recommended chiropracticioner to fix it .He fixed my strained back and told me that my breathing was restricted due to spine problem between my shoulder blades.He fixed that problem and i have not taken any asthma medication for last 3 months.It has changed my life..Now I wander what damage has been done to my lungs and skin with use of needless asthma medication for last 30 years.It made me feel like Heroin user.The more you use asthma medication the less effective it becomes and more you need.I never smoked and my problem may be different from smokers, but my advice to COPD people is that they analyse their problems and look for reducing their dependance on asthma medication. Change your doctor and find one that relies on asthma medication as a last option.Good health to all.

posted October 14, 2016
A MyCOPDTeam Member

Do whatever you can for as long as you can, rest a little while, then get up and start again.If anyone tells you to take it easy tell them to sod off. You can do that when your in your coffin. If you start doing it now, you will get there all the quicker. Your body is made up of muscles, muscles need used to make them stronger. If you don't use them they get weaker and weaker, until you can't use them when you want to.

posted October 12, 2016
A MyCOPDTeam Member

I really don't care what other people say about my inability to go for a walk etc. I do what I can as I know my limitations and then I rest when I want. Life is too good not to live it the best I can. Have a good day you all.

posted October 12, 2016
A MyCOPDTeam Member

A lot of family do not get it (in my opinion I may be totally wrong but) not because they don't understand but I think denial is a coping mechanism if they don't accept it maybe it will go away and you will be better. I say this because I was quite young when my father was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I would not accept when he told me, and unfortunately took the news coldly. I have thought long on this over the years and I refused to acknowledge he was sick wanting him to get back to the way he used to be. Eventually I wrapped my mind in the right place but I am sure not before my denying had hurt him deeply. I am just glad I saw my mistake in time to connect with him before it was to late. My family has at times been a bit stand offish when I have to stop but I know it frustrates them as well since there is really nothing they can do. I love them and I know they love me we all have our moments. Live for today not yesterday tomorrow will never come but be the best today

posted October 30, 2016

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